Here at Freedom Sun LLC we are in business of helping people. If we can’t make your life better with a transition to solar energy we don’t want your business. We want to help you not just sell you. The average Texas solar customer avoids paying an additional $20,000 to $60,000 (conservatively) to the utility over a period of just 20 years by going with a rightly sized and priced solar system. That is life changing money for so many. I am Jeffrey Trojacek and I have been helping people with the right solar for nearly 5 years now. (You can also find us on Facebook ) During this time I have developed great solar partners in residential, commercial and industrial solar. 972-935-6787 Book a 20 minute phone consultation here. Zero down financing still available on residential solar. or submit the online form below. Go solar on your home today with no money down. The consultation is free for you and us to see if we are able to help you put your money toward life versus the grid.
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You could also call this video “15 Ways To Not Be A Knucklehead When Buying Solar” Please like and share. Thanks! (price per watt is here in Texas in August 2023.) Plus just know that not everyone qualifies for the 30% federal tax credit. It is a tax credit so if there is no income tax for it to offset it will not help you. Just being frank and transparent with you. Things you should know. Update since recording… since bank rates are near 5% for a cd or money market I am finding bank financing preferable on residential. The ability to protect from rising rates and often times pay less each month than what you are currently paying.

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